Choose a kind among a bunch of welding techniques- For Beginners

Choose a kind among a bunch of welding techniques- For Beginners

If you might want to start a garage or planning to run a workshop the basic knowledge of various machinery is very important. As the discussion gets forwarded towards machine parts and the assembly of those it is a very common term we start using “welding”. So, the beginners might get this article useful for their first job regarding the said matter. Firstly, there are around 5 types of electric welders for beginners. The broad description is following-

The different types of welders:

i.                    Stick welder

ii.                  FAC welder

iii.                TIG welder

iv.                 MIG welder

v.                   Spot resistance welder


Stick welder: This is one of the easiest and best welder for a beginner among the said five. This process is mostly covering metal pieces and heats them up to melt and join itself and those are heated up by the arc and covered with metal like rod and lastly shielding spray on the surface using particular gas.

Some advantages of stick welding

i.                    This can weld steel and stainless ones as well as cast iron and aluminum.

ii.                  It is one and only welding machine run by electric which can weld cast iron.

iii.                Any outside environment condition will work for this.

iv.                 It also welds on thick products and dirty or rusty materials.

v.                   This welding is also one of the reasonably priced application.

Beginners’ point of view

                             As the discussion is all about how a new user would easily go for welding and stuff, here in case of Stick welding we have seen the simple and easy method to learn. So definitely it is a handy job if your purpose is limited and not very fancy. Why not fancy? Cause it creates a lot of spatters which is not a fine thing you would expect.

                             Stick welding the very often used process, even on the furniture workshops too you can find this going on. Stick welding is one of the earlier generation welding types over the world. Common features are there for the convenience.

                             The welding, in this case, is strong enough to be implemented in the construction job. There are various welding types, still, it’s the one and only to weld cast iron- something tough material for other welding methods. Consider if you have a couple of thick metals then you only go for this Stick welding, cause it’s going to hold and last for too long.

                             Finally, we could say that Stick welding a very tough welding, it is basically for stronger welds. Thick materials are just fine for it. Heavy construction is also a very normal job for this kind of welding. Among the five electric welding method, it is the only one to weld on cast-iron. A huge amount of heat through the electrodes easily cuts through the heavy & thick metals and joins them back in moments.

                             The best thing about this precious job settler is it is very cheap comparing the others. And in the other space, we could use it in extreme weather conditions too. Think of a great product which is applicable to a job besides the disposing terms are negligible to this. Strong wind and heavy rain cannot affect its attributes.

                             So, beginners, you will have to stick to this welding machine over the other ones. That means you must learn its feature carefully so that you can be comfortable using this.


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